Current Preservation Project


The 26th NC recently completed the fund-raising for its ninth such banner and, has begun work on its next preservation project. For this project, we have entered into a partnership with the 6th North Carolina State Troops - Company I - Cedar Fork Rifles to assist them in their efforts to conserve the silk company flag of the "North Carolina Grays" - Company I of the 6th North Carolina State Troops. The estimated cost for this conservation project is $13,269. This beautiful silk company flag was hand made and presented by the young ladies of the Cedar Fork community in Wake County North Carolina. This was their gift to their brothers, fathers, uncles, and husbands about to go to war. Now it is in great need of conservation before this piece of North Carolina's history is lost to future generations.


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Partnership with North Carolina Museum of History


The Society for the Historical Preservation of the 26th Regiment North Carolina Troops, Inc. & The North Carolina Museum of History have entered into a unique partnership to save North Carolina's Civil War Artifacts. From its inception, the mission of the 26th NCT has been to perpetuate the history of the original 26th NCT and the State of North Carolina's role in the American Civil War. We have always held to the belief that it is of the utmost importance that we preserve our ancestors' artifacts and monuments for future generations of North Carolinians.

In pursuit of this goal the 26th NCT can list the following accomplishments:

Line of Battle

Responsible for the restoration of the NC Memorial at Gettysburg


Through our partnership with the North Carolina Museum of History, we have raised the funds to restore battle flags belonging to the following regiments: 1st NCST, 16th NC, 22nd NC, 33rd NC, 26th NC, 47th NC, 52nd NC and the 58th NC as well as the Headquarters Flag of General Lawrence O'Bryan Branch


Published numerous letter collections and unpublished images of North Carolina soldiers in our historical magazine, Company Front (began publishing in 1987)


Raised the funds to place a monument to the 26th NC at the New Bern Battlefield


Raised the funds necessary to bring home to the NCMOH, the following items from the Museum of the Confederacy: a) the 26th NC’s Gettysburg flag, b) the battle flag of the 37th NC and c) the coat, sword and swordbelt of Major General Bryan Grimes


Raised the funds to assist the Civil War Preservation Trust with the purchase of land associated with the first day’s fight at Gettysburg


Raised the funds to purchase thirty-four letters of the Sherriff R. B. Paschall 26th NC letter collection

NC Museum Logo


Established the “Society for the Historical Preservation of the 26th NC Special Collection” at the NCMOH and State Archives


Raised the funds for the professional conservation of the monument to Zebulon Baird Vance in Asheville, NC


Since 2004, the Regiment has raised $247,639 for historical preservation, battlefield preservation, artifact loans and monument placement.





Exhibit Display CaseThe North Carolina Museum of History (NCMOH) holds an impressive collection of North Carolina Civil War flags and uniforms. Many of these artifacts need extensive conservation before they can be exhibited. Textile conservation is a time consuming, specialized, and expensive task, as hundreds of hours are needed to stabilize just one flag or uniform. With State funding not available to restore these artifacts, it is imperative that we all step up to help. Help Preserve North Carolina's Civil War History.





You or your organization can help save North Carolina's Civil War heritage by supporting the museum's conservation work. Please mail your check, payable to the North Carolina Museum of History Foundation and mail to the address listed below. Please indicate that your donation is for the "26th NCT Partnership," which is a restricted account meaning that all money so marked will only go towards the 26th NC's current conservation project. The Museum of History Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and gifts are fully tax deductible. Please mail your donation to:


Mr. Jim Huebler,
Budget Officer
N.C. Museum of History Foundation
5 East Edenton St.
Raleigh, NC 27601-1011


Please note, that one hundred percent (100%) of all donations will go towards this conservation project. Once this project is completed a special ceremony re-dedicating the North Carolina Grays - Company Flag will be held at the NC Museum of History. All who donated to the project will be notified of the date and time so that you may be a part of this special day.