Improving Impressions

Building Your Impression - Jason Goodnite / 26th NCT

Less is More - Mark Tackitt

The Generic Confederate - John Hopper / 18th Missouri Infantry SoSkAn ACWS Archive

Progressing on a Budget - Jim Butler / Salt River Rifles




First Person Development

Attitude is Everything - Rich Kocur / Columbia Rifles

Developing a First Person Impression - Chris Roberts / 26th NCT



How to Articles

How to pack a Knapsack and Blanket Roll - Jason Goodnite / 26th NCT

Cooking on Campaign - Jason Goodnite / 26th NCT

Cooking on Campaign - Stonewall Brigade

Feeding Billy Yank: union Rations Between 1861-1865 - J. Britt McCarley

Hints on Campaign Camping by Those Who Really Did It - Steve Acker

Notes on Light Marching Order - Mark Popish / The Rowdy Pards

Sleeping Campaign by Yourself - Charles Heath / The Rowdy Pards



Uniform and Equipment Research

Analysis of Confederate Prisoner Uniform Shades - R.K. Denton Jr.

Jean Cloth - Eric Mink / Stonewall Brigade

English Supplied Uniforms - Eric Mink / Stonewall Brigade

Canteens of the Army of Northern Virginia - Bret Sumner / Stonewall Brigade

Did you Know They Wore Braces in the 1860's - Aaron Young

An Introduction to the Richmond Depot Clothing Manufactory - John Egglestone /18th Virginia Inf.

Richmond Depot Style Issue Jackets - John Egglestone / 18th Virginia Infantry

Confederates in Blue: "English Army Cloth" in the ANV - David Burt / 18th Virginia Infantry

Richmond Depot Mid-War Kepis: An Overview - David Burt / 18th Virginia Infantry

Issue and Non-issue Slouch Hats in the ANV - David Burt / 18th Virginia Infantry

A Study on the Wearing of Haversacks and Canteens - Christopher Graham

A Survey of Confederate Central Government Quartermaster Issue Jackets - Leslie D. Jensen / Company of Military Historians

Confederate "Columbus Depot" Jackets: The Material Evidence - Geoffrey Walden

Notes on the M-1858 Canteen - Jon Eggleston / Lazy Jacks Mess




Making Cartridges: Part I and Part II - Patrick Reardon / Lazy Jacks Mess

The Enfield in the Civil War - Geoff Walden




Roll Call - Stonewall Brigade

Right Shoulder Shift: A Re-examination - John Stillwagon / Southern Guard

Support for Support Arms - Marc Hermann




Primary Resources

Charlotte Observer Coverage of Col. John Lane's 1903 Gettysburg Speech

The Brewer Letters