Field Music

The song "The Old North State" is frequently and reverently played at Civil War sites where Tar Heels soldiers fought. The words were written by William Gaston in 1840 and the music arranged by Mrs. E.E. Randolph. It was adopted as the state song in 1927. It is a distinctly North Carolina song its signficance resonates with all those that hold North Carolina dear to their heart.


Listen to the tune as it is played by the 26th Regiment North Carolina Field Music, based on the music found in the original 26th NC Regiment's song book. The original 26th NC was supplemented by a brass band (visit the 26th Brass Band re-created) that played at Gettysburg at General Lee's request. To hear more from the Field Music's CD and to order the CD, visit the Field Music's website.




Carolina! Carolina! heaven's blessings attend her,
While we live we will cherish, protect, and defend her,
Tho' the scorner may sneer at and witlings defame her,
Still our hearts swell with gladness when ever we name her.


Hurrah! Hurrah! the Old North State forever,
Hurrah! Hurrah! the good Old North State.


Tho' she envies not others, their merited glory,
Say whose name stands the foremost, in liberty's story,
Tho' too true to herself e'er to crouch to oppression,
Who can yield to just rule a more loyal submission.


(Repeat chorus)


Then let all those who love us, love the land that we live in,
As happy a region as on this side of heaven,
Where plenty and peace, love and joy smile before us,
Raise aloud, raise together the heart thrilling chorus.


(Repeat chorus)